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Here’s how we reduce truancy, suspension, and arrests.

Invest in keeping kids in school and out of the justice system.

Our youth and schools are in crisis. Annually in Washington, DC, more than 45,000 students are chronically absent from school; more than 6,000 are suspended from school; and more than 100 are struck by gunfire.

Access Youth believes in the potential of every one of these young people; we know they deserve better. That’s why our programs focus on improving outcomes for overburdened, under-served students in Washington, DC, schools through restorative justice, mediation, and positive youth development.

By meeting each child where they are––with an eye toward their unique needs and an ear to their personal experience––we are able to make a profound and lasting impact, one student at a time, by offering trusting relationships, plans, accountability and opportunities.

From conception to design and execution, our programs are rooted in equity. With the knowledge that 75% of our students are dealing with some form of unresolved trauma, our services are also centered on approaching each student’s individual needs and providing them with the socio-emotional skills to understand and process difficult emotions and situations.

Through this equity-focused and trauma-informed lens, our evidence-based programs––Truancy Prevention and Restorative Justice in Schools–– promote pro-social behavior and student engagement, and reduce violence, among at-risk students in the District’s most under-served communities.

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