Perry Pidgeon Hooks

President and Co-Founder of Hooks Book Events


Board Member Perry Pidgeon Hooks is the President and Co-Founder of Hooks Book Events. She has had a love affair with books that started with trips to the public library in Memphis, TN where she grew up. Perry’s love of reading (just about anything), combined with an immense respect for the talents and efforts of writers keeps her engaged in the book business. From the University of Virginia, her post college journey led her to England, New York City and then home to the Deep South. Wherever she lived, Perry fostered her love of reading by joining and starting book clubs and attending book events. For over 14 years, Perry has worked with independent book stores including Davis-Kidd in Nashville, TN and at Politics and Prose in Washington D.C. – in marketing or as an independent contractor – promoting authors by bringing them to the stores as well as to non-traditional book venues. She remains partial to the independent bookstores – working with Politics & Prose when producing events for clients in the metro DC area, and more recently with Harvard Book Store in Cambridge, MA for our clients in the Boston area.

Perry’s various detours through financial services marketing, advertising and trade association work not only have honed her skills in designing programs and author series that fit the needs of her clients, but also inform her commitment to building community and stakeholder networks and support for Access Youth.